Essential Oils Business Mentoring with Ruth Gough

Learn the Science and Skills
To Boost Your Oil Business.

50 Days of daily mentor calls
I teach you step by step everything you need to know to launch and build your successful Essential Oil business.
Access daily audios with specific exercises
You will know exactly what you need to do each day.
​Take the guesswork out of your daily actions
By following this proven step by step system that I use in my business too.
​Access the training anytime and anywhere, on demand.
You’ll be able to engage and share this with your team too, so you are all working on a common goal…together!

Value $397
Learn exactly how to find others to join you in your business
Detailed, day by day program that walks you through how to grow your business
​10 Days to success
I train you exactly how to talk to, make the initial contact, and follow up with the right individuals to take your business to the next level.
​Details Plan for growth
My daily success schedule will teach you how to plan for success each and every day

Value $397
I am really serious about this opportunity for the right people and I will invest a lot of time into helping those who are accepted, to ensure they succeed.
You’ll be personally mentored by myself and my husband, Dr. Andrew Gough, a board certified physician and member of the dōTERRA Medical Advisory Board.
We’ll be in constant contact to make sure you have all the tools, knowledge and mindset to build a successful business.
​I will be working closely with you on every aspect of your business and be your true mentor, every single step of the way. I am prepared to do this for the right people.


I Am Ruth Gough.

Blue Diamond dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, Certified Master Aromatherapist, Yoga Teacher, Mother, and Mentor.

It is my mission to provide you with the tools, science and  skills that will empower you to use essential oils to improve your health, provide for your family, and build an organization of like minded wellness advocates.

Why Mentorship Matters

Grow your knowledge and Be Part of a community of achievers


100% free of charge

I am on a mission to build a healthier world. I started in my own home, then expanded to include my studio and community. Now I am enlisting you to take it even further!


Scientific Evidence

Anecdotes are great, personal experience is powerful, but scientific medical data is the only way to safely inform health decisions and build a responsible wellness lifestyle.

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Anytime, Anywhere

I won't ask you to put your life on hold to build a wellness advocacy.
Keep your day job.
Care for your family.
Mentorship is available on your schedule.

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